upcoming events

26th October 2018

The Skeleton Run (5 mile)


28th October 2018

Wreake & Soar Valley X/C - Launde Farm

Derby Runner XC - Race 1

28th October 2018

Worksop Halloween Half Marathon


28th October 2018

Rugby Half Marathon

4th November 2018

Shepshed 7


10th November 2018

Seagrave Wolds Challenge 15.7 miles


17th November 2018

Dirt Half Challenge (Half Marathon)


18th November 2018

Derby Runner XC Race 2 Holly Hayes Wood


9th December 2018

Raodhoggs - X/C Race 3 - Bradgate Park


9th December 2018

Turkey Trot Half Marathon



about us

There has been a running club based at Wigston British Legion since 1982, when Oadby & Wigston Legionnaires AC was formed. In 1992, the club formed a separate section to cater for performance athletes and youngsters, and this was based at Saffron Lane Stadium.

At the AGM in Feb 2009 it was deemed appropriate for the Section based at Wigston to separate and become a completely independent club. This has now been achieved and Wigston Phoenix Running Club became fully operational on 1st October 2009. Its membership comprises virtually all the runners based at the Legion.

The club seeks to satisfy the aspirations of all its members, whatever their ability, and caterers for all adult age groups. We are a friendly and sociable club, ideal for anyone wanting to take up running or, perhaps contemplating running a Marathon. Help, guidance and companionship is readily provided.

The club will compete in local cross country and road running leagues and championship events, as well as a variety of races arranged internally within the club. Coaching and help is on hand to encourage those who want to race, but there is absolutely no obligation to compete for those who prefer to run simply for fitness.

At the moment, we are not geared up to accommodate youngsters (under 18), but can offer advice on suitable clubs for young runners to join.